About FOR

Imagine growing up wanting to be President, a doctor, an accomplished athlete.
Imagine being 15 years old and literate..
Imagine spending your school days in a climate controlled classroom, with field trips and regular sports days..

For many of us, it is easy to imagine. However, the reality is – we represent a minority. A growing number of today’s children in the Arab world – tomorrow’s adults – cannot imagine this. Their childhood is bound by outdated teaching practices, little exposure to the world outside a dingy classroom, no access to sports, and living conditions that stifle any imagination.

Youth are often called upon to make a change, but rarely are they given the tools to do so. Growing in camps, or city edges of harsh realities, their teachers are bound by limited budgets, resources and training, making them unable to effectively deliver an education for the 21st century.

A good education is not a privilege – it is a right. Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.16.29 PM

In August 2015, 10 Arab Celebrities will climb the highest mountain in the Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise a total of USD 10 Million for education causes that will impact the lives of millions of Arab youth. Each Celebrity will adopt a cause from his/her home country, collectively the 10 celebrities will raise the USD 10 Million. This is not an isolated effort. In the months leading up to the climb, the FOR:EDUCATION Campaign will engage local and global communities, form partnerships, sell merchandise, host fundraisers – and give supporters across the world the tools to do the same.